Workers Comp Provides Lifeline for Many Injured Iowans

Injuries can be severe enough to affect productivity, mobility, and earning capability. It’s a good thing that workers comp provides a lifeline for many injured Iowans. Instead of falling into financial ruin, they get immediate assistance that can help them stay afloat until things get better. Below are the types of benefits that workers can expect:

Medical Benefits

There is no reason to panic, as the employer will pay for all the necessary medical expenses related to the injury—even reasonable travel expenses will be covered via private car, ambulance, and so on. Those who need to take time off from work to undergo medical treatment can get compensation for their lost wages. This incredibly useful given the large bills people typically wrestle with.

Disability Benefits

Workers are also entitled to receive disability benefits, but this may not exceed eighty percent of spendable earnings, or what’s left after payroll taxes. Marital status, tax exemptions, and type of disability are other factors that influence the amount that can be collected. Maximum weekly rates are set at fixed amounts. Examples of these benefits include the following:

1. Temporary Total Disability

This type of benefit can be given to those who must miss work due to their injury for more than three days; collection can begin on the fourth day. This can stretch until such time that you can go back to work or when you have made enough progress with your recovery that you can return to a similar kind of work.

2. Temporary Partial Disability

Some people may be able to go to work, but only with a lesser paying job because of the problems that resulted from the injury. They may be entitled to temporary partial disability benefits. There is also a three-day waiting period here.

3. Healing Period

Workers can receive benefits while they are healing if the injury is deemed to have resulted in permanent impairment. There is no need to wait to apply for this. It can start from the onset of the injury and go on until the worker can return to work.

Dependents of workers who died from fatal accidents can receive death benefits. These include the surviving spouse and children under eighteen. Truly, workers comp provides a lifeline for many injured Iowans. For more information about this subject, talk to a workers comp lawyer in Des Moines. Talk about your case and learn more about the benefits that you may be entitled to, based on the facts.

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