Semi-Truck Accident Injuries Explained

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), over 5,000 Americans die every year because of truck accidents.  On top of this, truck accidents injure over 90,000 people each year. In America, fatal truck accidents happen over 10 times, each day.

The Numbers Are Getting Worse

Since 2009, truck accidents are increasing. The improving economy causes the transportation of many goods on American highways. As a result, trucking companies are under intense pressure to deliver on time. That leads to overworking of drivers increasing the risk of accidents, fatalities, and semi-truck accident injuries.

CNBC Interview

A 2014 CNBC interview revealed the various truck accident causes. Interview participants included victims, lawyers, and industry regulators.    

According to the CNBC interview, tired drivers, is the leading cause of trucking accidents. Drivers must cope with strict deadlines. This leaves them with very little time for resting. In some cases, a driver must undertake trips during the day and the night. In such a scenario, the likelihood of a driver sleeping on the wheel is high. Sleeping drivers cause a good percentage of accidents in America.

The CNBC interview also revealed a failure by the trucking industry to enforce new regulations and safety technologies.

In 2013, the US Department of Transportation came up with new rules that required drivers to reduce working hours and take longer breaks during trips. Even before the enforcement of the rules, truck drivers were already complaining that if they take longer breaks they would not be able to make a living.

Estimates revealed that the new rules by the Department of Transportation had the potential of preventing over 1,500 crashes. However, the American trucking industry is accustomed to reversing rules. The industry filed a lawsuit against the new rules on grounds that it will increase shipping costs and highway traffic.

The Most Common Semi-Truck Accident Injuries

In most cases, semi-truck accident injuries are very serious. They can lead to permanent disability and loss of income.

Do not let a truck driver to go scot-free. If you or your loved one has injuries sustained in a truck accident, there is the need to obtain compensation from the insurer of the truck. Get a lawyer for your truck accident claim.

Severe back injuries are some of the common semi-truck accident injuries. A back injury can cause life-long extensive medical care and chronic pain. It might not be possible to recover fully. Other injuries include amputations, fractures, broken bones, neck injuries, head injuries, internal injuries, emotional trauma, and lacerations.

The Bottom Line

Truck accidents are different from other accidents. A semi-truck can weigh over 60,000 pounds. On the other hand, the average passenger vehicle weighs less than 5,000 pounds. The weight difference shows that semi-truck accident injuries are likely to be catastrophic.