New York City Seat Belt Requirements

Car accidents are one of the main causes of death for people who are less than fifty-four years old. In 2016, more than half of the teenagers and young adults who were fatally injured in car accidents were not secured by seat belts. Injuries and fatalities caused in an auto accident are found to be fewer when the driver and the passengers were properly wearing their seat belts. New York City seat belt requirements are very clear and specific. This makes it easy for people to follow and for the police to enforce. If someone in New York City has been in an accident involving improper use of a seat belt, they should get in touch with a NYC auto accident lawyer.

Three Things You Should Know About New York City Seat Belt Requirements

New York is one of the country’s ‘primary enforcement’ states. This basically means that a police officer or law enforcement officer can give a driver a ticket for not wearing their seat belt. The driver is also responsible for the passengers in the car, hence, if they are not buckled up properly, a ticket can be issued. By law, the New York City seat belt requirements state that the driver and front passenger must wear a seat belt or be fined accordingly. This includes the driver and front passenger in a taxi and a livery vehicle.

Every occupant in a vehicle must wear age appropriate seating restraint. For children, based on the child’s age and size, a booster or safety seat may be used. In addition, the lap and shoulder belts must be secured properly. One must keep in mind the size and weight recommendations provided by the manufacturer of the seat as well as federal requirements.

All school buses in New York manufactured after 1987 offer seat belts, which should be used when students are aboard and the bus is in motion. The driver of the bus must ensure that he or she is buckled up properly. Furthermore, buses that transport children below the age of four years must be equipped with federally approved child safety seats. Every school district in New York City sets its own rules regarding seat belts worn by children over the age of four years.

Why Are New York City Seat Belt Requirements Important?

A seat belt is defined as a vehicle safety device that is designed to protect the person wearing it in the event of a car crash or accident. The first patented seat belt was used in New York City taxis in 1885. Thereafter, vehicle manufacturers began to include them in their designs. The New York City seat belt requirements are enforced to keep drivers and passengers safe and to minimize injuries and fatalities caused by vehicular accidents. The simple act of securing the safety belt properly keeps the driver and passengers in their seats as well as offers them a safer and more comfortable ride.

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