Michigan Car Accident Laws

Countless car crashes occur every year. Motorists must drive carefully to avoid becoming part of the statistics. If you do, be sure to contact a car crash lawyer in Detroit or elsewhere in Michigan.

In case it happens, they must be prepared to handle the situation in accordance with the laws of the state. Michigan car accident laws are very specific about what people should and should not do if they get involved in a car wreck. Familiarity with these rules are vital to minimizing the damage and preventing further violations.

You can read the Michigan Vehicle Code, Act 300 of 1949 for complete information. We summarize the pertinent details below:

Stop and Assist

If you are involved in an accident, the main thing is to take responsibility and help those who have been affected. You must not drive by as if nothing happened. As soon as you realize that something went wrong, you must stop your car and check on the other parties.

Your vehicle should be placed in an area where it will not block the road and cause inconvenience to other motorists. Check if there are injured people around the site of the collision. Extend reasonable assistance such as first aid if you are knowledgeable or call 911 immediately.

Provide Information

You are bound by law to provide your personal details to the police when they arrive at the scene. You should also answer all of their questions regarding the accident. If they ask you to take a blood alcohol test, then it would be best to comply right away.

You should also furnish your information to the other parties that were involved in the accident. In turn, you should be able to get theirs. Exchange insurance details so that you can both hasten the filing of claims. In most cases, the damage on the cars will be minor and can be easily fixed.

Show License

You should also show your license if asked by the police. They may also ask you to produce your vehicle registration papers, as well as your proof of insurance. Always carry these vital documents whenever you drive because authorities may inspect them from time to time.

If you don’t have these with you, you might be charged with violations. If you have them but they are already expired, you will also have to deal with the consequences. You can never be sure what will happen when you take to the streets, so put everything in order ahead of time.

Get Medical Treatment

If you or your passengers were injured, then go to a nearby hospital right away to get treatment. It is best to go even if you don’t have any visible wounds, as you might be suffering from internal bleeding due to the impact.

Some fractures may also go undetected among those with a high tolerance for pain. These need to be discovered through tests and examination so that they can be properly documented. The time stamp on the medical records is important. Insurance companies may refuse to pay for the medical bills if issues are discovered a long time after the crash.

Follow Up on Insurance

Michigan is a no-fault state. This means that motorists are required to get personal injury protection, property protection, and liability insurance. In case you are involved in an accident where fault is difficult to determine, you need not worry as the insurance provider will cover your medical treatment, wage losses, and more.  

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