How to Stay Sane During a Tax Audit

Just hearing someone say the word “audit” can cause people to feel nervous. When the word “tax” is in front of it, anxiety can really start to set in. No one wants to go through a tax audit at any point in his or her life, but if it does happen, there are ways to stay calm and handle everything with ease.

Here are a few tips on how to stay sane during a tax audit.

Respond to the Notice

This might seem straightforward, but the first way to stay sane during the process is to read, follow directions, and respond to the notice issued by the IRS. They give people thirty days to respond, so that should be plenty of time to get everything together.

The notice usually includes very specific instructions as far as what is being looked at, what to expect, and more. They do a good job of laying out exactly what they will be looking for during the entire ordeal.

Organize What You Have

If possible, it is always a good thing to keep everything tax-related organized. It can really help in situations like this. Of course, those people who are organized usually don’t get as nervous during a tax audit.

For those who are disorganized, try to put together everything you can. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but with online filing becoming some prominent, a lot of documents might already be on your computer.

Be Nice and Professional

No one really likes the IRS. Do you know who knows this better than anyone? Employees at the IRS. They deal with grumpy, frustrated people throughout the day. Sometimes, simply being nice and professional can really help the situation.

If an issue is found during the audit, an employee could be much more willing to be flexible and work with you if they are talking to a nice person.

Copy Everything

In an audit, only use copies of documents. There is no need to give originals to IRS agents. This protects you in case they were to say that something was lost or misplaced.

Present Yourself as Prepared

Confidence and preparation can go a long way during an audit. The last thing you want to come off as is completely unprepared for the audit. This means replacing missing records as much as possible, preparing for answers to potential questions, and doing anything that can make you look prepared.

Don’t Fear Seeking Help

A tax resolution lawyer can help anyone with an audit. Since they specifically work in this field, they know exactly what the IRS will be looking for. That can make a person who is nervous feel much more at ease with an expert supporting them.

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