Dangerous Roads and Bridges of NYC

There are many dangers out there on the road, and you may not even be thinking about some of them. Sure, you worry about the red-light runner, the drunk or distracted driver, and about the speeder zipping in and out of traffic like Cruella de Vil chasing after those puppies. Have you thought of everything, though?

What about the actual roads on which you’re driving? What about the bridges you cross? Most of us take for granted that the roads are just magically going to stay maintained, and that the highway fairy keeps everything safe for us when we leave our homes each morning. Little did you know that the highway fairy is actually Uncle Sam.

The government is responsible for road and bridge maintenance in NYC. If you are involved in a vehicle crash, it may have been caused by road hazards. You may have been aware of the hazard, such as a large pothole that caused you to lose control of your vehicle, or you may not be aware of the hazard, such as a missing stop sign that caused another vehicle to crash into you.

Whatever the hazard that caused your crash, if dangerous roads or bridges in NYC were involved you it may be eligible to file an auto crash claim against the government.

Why File a Claim?

A claim can do many things. It can help you obtain the money to compensate you for the losses the accident caused you. It can ensure the government opens their eyes to issues with road maintenance, and provide you with the money you need to pay missed wages while you recover from serious car crash injuries.

Here’s a look at some other damages you can have added to a car crash claim against the government:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Missed work wages and disability
  • Accident-related medical expenses
  • Loss of life enjoyment
  • Mental anguish and mental health treatment

However, filing claims against the government is no easy thing. You must have substantial evidence that NYC’s bridges or roads were responsible for your collision, your injuries, and your damages. Then, you must be able to file your case with success, argue your case with insurance companies or the court, and convince all involved that you deserve compensation for your auto wreck.

If you need an attorney, you could try NYC attorneys Greenstein & Milbauer. I’m sure a lawyer will make filing a claim a lot easier and less stressful.