Common Injuries Seen in Personal Injury Claims

Personal injuries can happen at any time. They can occur due to car accidents, mishaps and negligence on the part of businesses, and any number of other scenarios. From slip-and-falls to bodily harm, there are common injuries seen in personal injury claims. These usually include whiplash and neck sprain, which are directly associated with car accidents or small fender benders.

Similarly, wrenched and sprained backs are common with falls in retail and commercial venues. Neurological issues and vision problems can also be attributed to personal injuries sustained at the office or in other areas.

With this in mind, here are some essentials related to personal injury claims and how best to expedite restitution.

The Most Common Injuries

The most common injuries in personal injury cases involve the head and neck areas. For example, if a wooden plank falls and hits a person on the head, it can result in migraines and neck tension. This usually happens at home improvement centers, which are notorious for causing injuries to people of all ages. In these cases, a personal injury attorney will discuss the best ways to file a personal injury claim and seek damages.

With years of extensive legal expertise, he or she will also gather vital evidence, which is needed to sue the company or business in question. Here are some vital steps taken in ensuring maximum payout for damages incurred by commercial negligence:

  • Detailed doctors reports will be needed to analyze and assess the severity of your injuries. This includes scans, MRI, neurological reports, and other important documents.
  • Your attorney will review all materials needed while helping you file a timely personal injury claim.
  • The responsible party might also request that you see their physician to correlate with your primary care physician’s findings. However, you must keep your doctor and lawyer in the loop at all times to prevent any problems and issues.
  • Workplace accidents will require victims see company doctors. Use the same technique in keeping your legal team and primary doctor in the loop.

It is important to keep a log of all doctor’s visits, as well as contact with your insurance provider and that of the responsible parties.

Whiplash and Sudden Jerks of the Neck

Whiplash is perhaps the most common injury in personal injury claims. However, you do not have to be involved in a car accident to experience this trauma. Again, negligence at the workplace or business venues can also result in neck sprains and tension. This is especially true with slip-and-falls, which also result in sprained backs, broken bones, and even ligament and tendon damage.

If planning to file a personal injury claim or lawsuit, it is important to take photos of the area where the incident occurred. This can show if there were obstacles or hurdles that were in your path, as well as any liquids that were on the floor. You must take these pictures or have a witness take them as soon as possible before the store has a chance to remove these objects or wipe their negligence away.

Back Sprains and Spinal Compression

Back sprains are also considered common personal injuries. However, any type of extensive back trauma resulting from product liability or medical malpractice can be ground for a lawsuit seeking damages. This is especially true if corrective surgical procedures were botched. It can also relate to defective medical support accessories, such as casts, harnesses, or support wraps.

Again, it is important to consult with a legal attorney should you experience any injuries due to medical procedures or defective products. The same also extends to defective automobiles, electronics, or anything that has supposedly passed stringent requirements for public safety.