By the Numbers: Car Accidents in Los Angeles

Residents of Los Angeles depend heavily on their own cars to get from point A to point B. Public transportation options are limited, especially when compared to other large US cities like New York or Chicago. The same situation applies to most of California. As a result, millions of cars are registered in the state and being driven on the streets every day. Most workers commute by driving themselves. The rest rely on carpooling, public transport, walking, and other means of commuting. The high-density of vehicles on the roads contributes to the high-occurrence of collisions among them. Let us examine the situation by the numbers: car accidents in Los Angeles.

Fatalities Trend by County in California

Unfortunately, Los Angeles County leads all areas in the state when it comes to the number of fatalities. It does so with by a large margin, as well. There were 625 deaths related to car accidents in 2013 compared to only 262 in San Bernardino County (ranked second highest). The fatalities in LA rose to 837 in 2016 whereas the second, Riverside County, only had 297. Every year, LA county accounts for roughly one-fifth of all accidental deaths from vehicular crashes. On a positive note, the numbers went down drastically in 2017 by as much as twenty-one percent.

The big numbers do not necessarily mean that LA is a dangerous place for drivers; the reality is that it has a higher population and a much bigger number of registered vehicles compared to the rest of the state. Checking the fatality rates reveals that Los Angeles is not even in the top ten when the number of deaths are measured against the population. It is Alpine County that comes out on top with 357.14 deaths per one-hundred thousand residents in 2017. Sierra County is second at one-hundred deaths per one-hundred thousand residents. The median rate when accounting for all US counties in that year was 17.7.  

Focus on the City of Los Angeles

Now we narrow our attention to the city itself, using the data gathered in 2016. According to the Office of Traffic Safety, LA had 4,021,488 residents during that time and 45,137,358 daily vehicle miles traveled. The total number of injuries and fatalities was as much as 44,207. There was alcohol involvement in 3,546 of these cases. A similar number involved pedestrians. Motorcycles figured in more than two thousand cases. As for the types of collisions, there were 8,331 speed-related incidents, 4,559 nighttime collisions occurring between 9pm and 3am, and 4,990 cases of hit and run. The police made 6,164 DUI arrests throughout the year.

While there is no reason to refrain from driving if you are a resident of Los Angeles, the numbers show that motorists must be careful when behind the wheel. Those who get involved in an accident may try to collect compensation for personal injuries and property damage with the help of a lawyer. You may contact Custodio and Dubey law firm to discuss your legal options.

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